1. Bring together people who share an interest in libraries
  2. Promote public awareness and community support for the Library system
  3. Encourage gifts and fundraising activities that benefit the Arlington Public Library System


History of the Friends & Foundation

Originally, there were two nonprofit support organizations – the Friends of the Arlington Public Library (established in 1986) and the Arlington Public Library Foundation (established in 1993). The Friends held semi-annual book sales and Book & Author Luncheons and the Foundation raised funds primarily through grants, events, and direct mail solicitations. Because of their similar goals to support the Library System, the two groups merged October 2016 to form the Friends & Foundation.

Board Members

  • Claire Alexander
  • Susan Barker, Membership Chair
  • Mike Becknal, Treasurer
  • Terry Bertrand
  • Charles Goodyear
  • Chris Kerr
  • Martha Kinard
  • Patty Kirby
  • Emily Klophaus, Vice Chair
  • Heather Lowe, Chair
  • Tiffany Mann
  • Lydia McKinney
  • Toni Najjar
  • Diana Saleh
  • Lori Urso
  • Polly Walton, Immediate Past Chair
  • Kari Williams, Secretary